No, i don't know what day i leave


I don't mean to sound rude, but whenever I tell someone I'm going to be an exchange student to Brazil, their first question is:

"What day do you leave?"

I don't know. 

I wish I did. And I will post again when I find out when the specific date is.

My rotary district in Brazil told me they wanted me to be there anywhere from July 22nd - August 5th, but because the visa paperwork has been so difficult to complete, my departure date looks like it's going to be closer to the beginning of August. I thought it'd be closer to end of July. But my FBI background check isn't back yet (it normally take 6-12 weeks, I'm not a criminal), so we can't schedule the appointment for my proxy to deliver the visa paperwork to the Brazilian consulate in California yet. Which means the travel agency Rotary Youth Exchange uses can't purchase my airplane tickets just yet. Because I don't have my visa.

Anyways, I'm happy I'm home, spending time with my friends. Alaska is beautiful in the summertime. The only problem is my parents are at Port Ashton Lodge, like they usually are every summer. Port Ashton Lodge is the lodge my parents and aunt and uncle own and operate in Prince William Sound. They built it from the ground up and have been running it for 13 years. And I've been out there every summer, until now.

I worked there this June and then came back to town to prepare to leave. I'm staying with my older brother in town and easing myself in to adult-ing. It's not too bad so far, but then again, I don't pay the bills just yet. At least everything here is familiar.

It's going to be harder in Brazil, because everything will be, well.... foreign. But I am so ready to go to this country, learn Portuguese, and experience everything.

Fireweed. Only seen in the summertime in Alaska

Fireweed. Only seen in the summertime in Alaska

Tasha Talvi